artist retreat in Galicia

Nuestra socia María Marticorena promueve esta residencia en  Galicia / Our partner maría marticorena is promoting this retreat in Galicia:

The ‘Heights Art Studios and Gallery’ in Houston and the ‘Museum of the Americas’ in Miami have put together this project; We invite artists in Europe as well as in the US to an incredible trip to Dubai for March 2014, It is for a limited number of participants, you must be an artists or have special interest in the arts, our trip will focus on the fantastic ‘Dubai Art’ international world fair, we will also be visiting Abu-Dhabi and Sharjah among other tours to places of interest within the United Emirates.
In addition we are also presenting another trip; An ‘Artist Retreat’ to Galicia, Spain for September-October of this year 2013, this one is for a small group of artists or people with strong art interests as well, we will be doing workshops on painting and on restoration (all materials included), will be visiting museums and art galleries in La Coruna and Santiago de Compostela. Meditation and Spanish practices will be part of the daily routine for two weeks and a house chef will be preparing all meals with the most fresh and local organic ingredients, local wines included, you will be staying in a traditional Galician stone house hundreds of years old right in the middle of the country among sheep, cows, breathtaking meadows and near by beaches in a region known as ‘the Celtic Spain’, this house is in the country side but at only 45 minutes to a mayor city and numerous historic landmarks, all transportations included.
For detailed information about both trips please step into our blog and see how you can reserve a spot in one of them,Here: (if link is not clickable please copy and paste it into your browser).

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